PRC Program

The Ashtabula County Department of Job and Family Services (ACDJFS) Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) Program is designed to help families overcome immediate barriers to achieving or maintaining self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. Benefits and services are for needy and low-income families who need short-term help during a time of crisis. Specifically, PRC is defined as:

Prevent families from having to apply for OWF cash assistance

Help family members retain employment by enhancing job skills, overcoming barriers, and providing short-term assistance

Provide for contingent needs by helping families with one-time urgent problems.

Assistance Group:
Must be a US citizen, or qualified alien; resident of Ashtabula County
• Consist of a minor child (individual who has not attained 18 years of age or has not attained 19 years of age and is a fulltime student in secondary school) who resides with parent, caretaker relative, legal guardian or legal custodian
• A pregnant woman
• Non-custodial parent who is responsible to provide financial support to minor child and does not live in the same household with the child (both in Ashtabula County)

Examples of short-term assistance through PRC include: housing and rent assistance, utility assistance, transportation, education and training programs, vehicle repair and insurance, work support services, and youth workforce program. For a complete list of the services provided and eligibility requirements, please view the entire PRC Plan.

Applications can be requested by contacting the ACDJFS. No face to face interview is required. Applicants who prefer an interview may apply at the Donahoe building.

Ashtabula County’s PRC Plan: