Healthy Start

Covered Families and Children Medical
Families who get health care have children who miss less school and parents who miss less work. Health care coverage is an important way to ensure everyone stays healthy!

Healthy Start
Healthy Start is free health coverage for children from birth to age 19 and pregnant women who qualify based on family income.

Healthy Families
Healthy Families offers quality health coverage to families who meet certain income guidelines. Working families can qualify. Healthy Families provides health coverage for the entire family – parents and children.

The family size and income will determine if the family is eligible for Healthy Start for their children or Healthy families for the entire family. Other insurance does not affect eligibility.

Once eligible, families can have coverage for a variety of services. Healthy Start & Healthy families can help your family get regular visits to the doctor to help prevent serious illnesses before they become emergencies.

What Services are Covered?
• Doctor Visits
• Hospital Care
• Prescriptions
• Pregnancy Services
• Dental Care
• Vision Services
• Mental Health
• Substance Abuse
• Immunizations
• And much more!

Children’s Buy-In
A new option in public health care coverage for certain uninsured Ohio children in working families.

Your child might be eligible for CBI if he/she is:
• Younger than age 19
• A United States citizen and a resident of Ohio
• In a family who’s gross income is more than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
• Has not had any insurance for at least 6 months before enrolling
• Is not eligible for Medicaid

Your Child Must Also Meet One of the Following to Qualify:
• Unable to obtain creditable coverage due to a pre-existing condition
• Lost only available creditable coverage due to exhausting a lifetime benefit
• Only available coverage is more than twice the state premium for CBI
• Participates in the program for medically handicapped children (ODH/BCMH)

Enrollment in CBI can be closed at any time. The program is state-funded and is administrated by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).

Managed Care
Most adults and children who receive Healthy Start, Healthy Families Medicaid must join a managed care plan (MCP). This is a private health insurance company that provides all the services you get with the Medicaid card, with some important differences and extra benefits. For more information link is provided below.

Families can apply for Healthy Start/Healthy Families using the Combined Programs Application (CPA) JFS form #07216. No need to apply in person.

For more information or to request an application call 440-998-1110 or 1-800-935-0242

Return completed, signed applications to:
Ashtabula County Department of Job & Family Services
2924 Donahoe Drive
Ashtabula, OH 44004